Best Bitcoin Casinos 2017

The Best Bitcoin Casinos 2017

By: Shitlister

Bitcoin is now a hugely popular currency to use for online gambling; however, there are still some online casinos, like Slots Magic, that choose not to accept Bitcoin as a currency. If you’re worried about the best places to spend your Bitcoins, worry no longer; here are the best Bitcoin casinos to visit in 2017.



Slots.LV sits at the top spot when it comes to the best Bitcoin casinos for 2017. It was in the top five for 2016 and has now won itself the number one spot- and rightly so! There’s a great sign up bonus of £3,000 for players when they become a member of the site. This is an enormous and generous bonus indeed and definitely appealing to new players. In addition to this, there are over 130 different games for players to choose from, meaning you’ll never be stuck for choice. The payout rate is very speedy too, taking just 1-3 working days for funds to reach your account. What more could you want?


Planet Casino

Coming in at a very tidy second place is Planet Casino. While it’s signup bonus is not as high as Slots.LV, offering players just £1,500 compared to their £3,000, their range of games is better and more diverse. Planet Casino has over 150 games to choose from, including a good mix of top of the range games as well as more indie, lesser known games too. The payout rate is also slightly slower, taking 4-7 days. However, don’t let this deter you from signing up and having a play because there is a generous bonus of 400% on every single deposit made on the site! Now that’s worthwhile, right?


Bovada Casino

Bovada Casino sits at third place, but only just! 2017 could be the year Bovada Casino turns it all around and gets itself to second place in time for 2018. While the site has a fantastic sign-up bonus of £3,000, it’s let down by selection of games; there are only 120 to choose from compared to Planet Casino’s 150. However, there is plenty of positive aspects to Bovada Casino; it only takes 1-3 days for transactions to be completed and there is a payout rate of over 98% which is incredible. It looks like Bovada Casino’s popularity is only set to keep on growing throughout 2017.


Drake Casino

Coming in at fourth place, and still sitting close to the top for 2017 is Drake Casino. There is an absolutely astonishing bonus of £5,000 when you sign up to the Drake Casino site, which is honestly just mindblowing. It only takes 1-3 days for any withdrawals and deposits to go through, and there’s even a brilliant variety of games to choose from too. Rising up the ranks since last year, all players using Bitcoin should definitely make a point of visiting Drake Casino this year.


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