Best Bitcoin Wallets2017

The Best Bitcoin Wallets 2017

By: Shitlister

If you’re in the habit of using Bitcoin as currency for any gambling you do online, you’re going to want to have a wallet to store them in. Privacy is vital to protect against theft and fraud, so this must be considered when selecting a Bitcoin wallet. Here’re some of the best ones to use.


The Jaxx Bitcoin wallet has been around for quite a long time and so has built up a reasonably trustworthy reputation for itself. The wallet has improved privacy settings and a hierarchical-deterministic address system which means that each transaction made with the wallet is ultra secure, more so than a lot of other Bitcoin wallets. It works quickly and efficiently and is definitely one of the best wallets currently on the market for 2017.

Bitcoin Core

The Bitcoin Core Wallet is the modified version of the original and first ever Bitcoin wallet there was, formerly known as Bitcoin QT. While it can still be relied on as a secure Bitcoin wallet, you do have to download a lot of memory with it which can take up a lot of space on your device, and this should be taken into consideration. How often do you use your Bitcoin wallet? If you’re looking for a wallet perfect for long term use rather than day-to-day use, the Bitcoin Core wallet is perfect for just that.

Armory Bitcoin Wallet

Armory Bitcoin Wallet is the perfect Bitcoin wallet for experienced and/or professional online gamblers and Bitcoin users. Similar to Bitcoin Core there is a lot of memory that comes with this wallet, and so it can fill up a lot of space on your device. However, if you’re an expert player or a professional player, the odds are that you have a separate device specifically for Bitcoin wallets; in which case, this is definitely the wallet you should be downloading and using. It’s one of the most secure wallets there is.

Copay Bitcoin Wallet

Copay Bitcoin Wallet has had a lot of time and effort put into its continual growth and development by the original Bitcoin team. It became the first wallet that allowed multiple people to have access to a transaction in one wallet, and it is also one of the most user friendly wallets there is, it being fully adaptable to all PC servers (Mac, Windows, Android and so on).

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