Why Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos Are the Safest

By: Shitlister

As the internet grows and technology gets more and more advanced, there are some people who use this for good, and others, for bad. Online casinos are becoming more developed as time goes on, offering more complicated games, the chance to play in live casinos from the comfort of your own home and the portability to play games on the go with mobile apps. It only stands to reason, then, that there are ways for some sites to fix the odds of these casinos in favour of the house and unfairly take money from unsuspecting players without them ever noticing. With the games being online, rather than in a real-life space, it is much easier for this to occur and so Provably Fair Bitcoin casinos were born.


Provably Fair is a term that is often thrown around when it comes to online Bitcoin Casinos, as is basically the act of being able to prove that the results of games were entirely random and fair. The sites keep a live log of all bets made and their outcomes so that all other players are able to see what is going on elsewhere in the casino and be sure that nothing dodgy and unfair is going on. Players are able to confirm that any transaction made was fair and random simply by entering the bet details on a verification page. This works for all casino games whether they be table games, slots of something entirely different.


With this concept being controlled by a computer algorithm system, the likelihood of mistakes or corruption is almost zero, compared to the much higher chance of human error or misconduct that could occur in a real life casino.


Not only is the concept of being Provably Fair far superior to other online casinos, but also those in the real world, as neither have this ability. Although this is something that only occurs in Bitcoin casinos at the moment, and certainly not all of those, it is surely only a matter of time until demand dictates that this is the case in every casino online. In the same way that no one would even think of buying an item online without secure shopping, Provably Fair casinos will be the only way to go. With Bitcoin casinos offering this, plus a lower house edge, great odds and fewer fees, traditional online casinos will need to step up their game or be ready to be left behind.


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